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Posted on: Jan. 19, 2018

  • Purdue University College of Engineering
Our program provides underrepresented minority students with an opportunity to participate in Purdue’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program.  For Summer 2018, Pathways can fund SURF participation for up to 10 outstanding juniors in Engineering at minority serving institutions who want to pursue faculty careers.  Students participating in SURF will
·       be matched with an Engineering faculty member here at Purdue to work on a research project of mutual interest,
·       attend weekly professional development seminars,
·       and receive free housing, up to $500 for travel to and from Purdue, and a stipend of $4,500 for the summer.
When they return to their home institution, students will continue to have access to their Purdue faculty mentor, and we hope they will be co-mentored by a faculty member at your institution.  The primary goal of the co-mentoring will be to help the student progress toward a faculty career.  Mentors can help students identify potential graduate schools, understand the application process, apply for graduate school (at any institution of their choice,) and apply for fellowships.
Students can learn about the Pathways program at https://engineering.purdue.edu/Engr/Research/pathways.  A link is available on that website to the SURF program’s website where an application can be found.  Students who are interested in the Pathways program should indicate that interest in their application to SURF.  Our team will make every effort to match those selected for the Pathways program with a faculty member working on a research program of mutual interest.
Benefits include: Be matched with an Engineering faculty member at Purdue University to work on a research project of mutual interest. Participate in 11 weeks of ...
Attached is a flyer describing the Pathways program.  We would appreciate your help with distributing this flyer to students you think might be good candidates for graduate school and a faculty career in engineering.

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