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College Ambassadors: 'First Faces' of Cal Poly Engineering
April 06, 2015

The first faces of Cal Poly Engineering that many people see are those of the college’s ambassadors, who lead college and department tours for prospective students, alumni, corporate recruiters and other groups and individuals.

"This year, we've given 52 overview tours, 65 department tours, approximately 25 special tours and 18 spring break tours — totaling almost 200 hours," said Zachary Meyer, president of Cal Poly Engineering ambassadors.

Tours come in all shapes and sizes, from overviews of the college to homing in on specific departments — and even do-it-yourself guided tours. Tours typically take about two hours and include many of the labs where much of Cal Poly’s vaunted Learn by Doing takes place.

- An overview tour covers the field of engineering, the engineering majors offered at Cal Poly, and the similarities and differences of each major. To register, go to Overview Tour.

- Department tours home in on labs, curriculum and career opportunities for specific majors. To register, go to a Department Tour.

- Group tours (for 10 or more people) are by appointment and are tailored to the needs and interests of the group. To register, email

For additional information, or for a self-guided tours, check out these department websites and brochures:

Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Engineering Brochure (PDF)

Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering Brochure (PDF)

Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Brochure (PDF)

Computer Engineering Computer Engineering Brochure (PDF)

Computer Science Computer Science Brochure (PDF)

Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Brochure (PDF)

Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering Brochure (PDF)

General Engineering General Engineering Brochure (PDF)

Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering Brochure (PDF)

Manufacturing Engineering Manufacturing Engineering Brochure (PDF)

Materials Engineering Materials Engineering Brochure (PDF)

Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Brochure (PDF)

Software Engineering Software Engineering Brochure (PDF) 


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