Cal Poly Engineering Shows Its Smarts at Smart Cities Challenge

May 10, 2017

Cal Poly made a strong showing at the Mega Challenge on Smart Cities, held May 9-11 in Phoenix. The school placed second overall, led by industrial engineering graduate student Austin Lynch, who also won the Best Poster Award.

The event, which focuses on the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) to implement smart city solutions, was hosted by the RAIN RFID Alliance and RFID Journal LIVE! and the new IEEE Council on RFID.

Other members of Cal Poly’s multidisciplinary team included Isaac Williams, a manufacturing engineering alumnus; Jonnathan Terry, an electrical engineering graduate student; and Jessica Chao, Steven Johnson and Zachary Ho, all computer engineering seniors.

Industrial and manufacturing engineering Professor Tali Freed, who received an award for her role as vice chair of the conference, was accompanied by a delegation of 15 Cal Poly students who served as session chairs and provided meeting and setup assistance.

“Our students already know a lot about RFID, and many of them are officers of the RFID Club. They often receive internships and job offers as a result of their outstanding work at this annual conference,” said Freed.


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