BS Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering is the profession that applies engineering analysis and methods to the production of all manufactured goods and services. The manufacturing engineer plans, develops, and optimizes the processes of production including methods of manufacture, and designs of tools and equipment for manufacturing. The emphasis is on both development and sustained operation of manufacturing systems, including computer-aided methods, automation, design for manufacture, production tooling, and material handling, as well as the processes and ancillary support systems of modern manufacturing.


General Information


Department flowcharts provide serve as a guidefor academic planning to graduate in four years. Students can always speak with their faculty or academic advisor for clarification.

Download the flow chart here.

Curriculum Sheet

Curriculum sheets provide an outline of all the requirements needed to complete a degree.

Download the curriculum sheet here.

Career Opportunities

US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT ranks the Cal Poly MfgE program as one of the absolute best in the country - see for yourself at US News Rankings.

 Why? Because the MfgE Program...

  • is one of the most hands on programs at a school known for hands-on learning. 
    • MfgE students learn by doing in every class they take.
  • allows for an outstanding level of interaction with talented faculty members on courses, projects, club activities, and more. 
    • Small class size means more feedback and class involvement.
  • has truly awesome lab facilities with state of the art equipment ready for use.
  • is always challenging since it draws on virtually every other discipline.
    • Computers, mechanics, electronics, economics, materials, software, math, physics, chemistry, and more. See the MfgE Curriculum page above.
  • creates a steady demand for graduates from industries that range from aerospace to biomedical to electronics to automotive to energy to computers to . .