Announcements & Events

As a part of the CENG initiatives to support our student’s mental health, led by faculty fellow Sarah Harding, a speaker of interest is coming to campus Thursday April 25th in the ATL 11-12.

Guest Speaker – Stevon Lewis, Psychotherapist

Date- Thursday, April 25

Location – ATL

Time– 11:00am – 12:00pm 

Permission Number Information

  1. To request a permission #, always contact the Instructor of Record (IOR – person teaching the course)
  2. Each instructor has permission #’s for their courses the Friday before Registration starts.
  3. If you have taken and passed a course with as an approved different prerequisite (not in the catalog), you will always need a permission # for the course you want to take next (Ex. CSC/CPE 101 for CSC 232).

Spring Commencement

For students who are transitioning or who will shortly transition to graduate status as a Blended student, and you want to walk as an undergraduate, please fill out the Spring 2024 request form.