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Seeking Industry Partners

Poster advertising IME senior project sponsorship opportunities

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Seeking Sponsorship for 2023-2024 IME Senior Projects

Industry sponsors

  • Propose a project for academic review by IME faculty
  • Commit $3,000 (small company) – $5,000 (large company)
  • Provide a technical mentor to meet with the team weekly or fortnightly October-May

Student teams

  • Matched to a project and faculty instructor at beginning of fall quarter
  • Gain deep understanding of the problem and related processes
  • Brainstorm and develop potential solutions with help from instructors and sponsoring organization
  • Build prototype and/or conduct initial implementation of selected and validated solutions

Previous IME senior projects

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Email Dr. Tali Freed at

IME Industrial Advisory Board

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Melfred Borzall IME Projects Fund

 IME student group displaying their project  IME student group welding project

The Melsheimers, through their company, have generously contributed to the IME department Projects Fund. The mission of this fund is to help students develop engineering skills through project based learning. The fund will provide support to students who travel to project locations or need money to purchase supplies and materials. Priority for this funding will be given to projects that do not have funding from other sources or are working with non-profits or community members.

The application process for this fund is laid out below:

  1. Submit an application for funding to the fund director via email at any time during the school year. The director will look at four criteria:
    1. The project is for a non-profit or from the community
    2. There is no other funding available from the sponsor
    3. The project is part of a course or a senior project
    4. The request is for no more than $500
  2. The Fund Director and Department chair will review the application
  3. Notification for funding will occur within a week of the application

Fill out an Application (PDF), and send to

Fund Director 2016-17: Lizabeth Schlemer


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