Sales Engineering Club

Cal Poly SEC serves to increase student awareness and interest of sales engineering as a rewarding career path. We provide students opportunities to network within the technical sales industry in order to gain real-world sales engineering experience and knowledge.

We host monthly company events with organizations such as Trane, Johnson Controls, Salesforce, and more.


Sales Engineering Club Officers, 2017-2018:

Tony Cohn - President

Jenna Appel - VP of Operations

Greg Kay - VP of Accounts

David Brawner - VP of Finance

Johno Hawkinson - GM Coordinator

Patrick McCabe - Project Coordinator

Jolani Chun-Moy - Event Coordinator

Kaelyn Hayes - Marketing Chair

Preston Stebel - Secretary

Martin van Drunen - Webmaster

Zach Applegate - Account Manager

Andrew Allen - Account Manager

Luke Braun - Account Manager

Tyler Mastromattei - Account Manager

Kevin Gallagher - Account Manager

Nicole Rogers - National Society of Sales Engineers

Sam Thompson - National Society of Sales Engineers

Casey Hawkinson - National Society of Sales Engineers

Advisor- Karen Bangs-
Contact -

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